Where to buy Adventure Gear?

WhiteMagic | April 11, 2016


Himalayan adventures generally begin even before setting foot in the mountains. It begins right at home, in our cities during the planning and preparation stage. One major area of preparation, is all the gear required in the checklist for the trip. A lot of our clients say they spend more time and effort looking around… Read more »

Nutrition in the Mountains

WhiteMagic | April 6, 2016


A person on an average burns somewhere around 2500 calories in a day. But life in the mountains is anything but average. Carrying a bit of weight and hiking for 5-6 hours will burn as much as 5000 calories, add to that the altitude factor and it might end up being much more. With all… Read more »

Bara Banghal Trek – Photo Essay

Sharath Vishnu | April 5, 2016

Beautiful Fall colours near Riyali Thatch campsite.

On my first trek as an intern guide with White Magic to Miyar Valley, Shyamlal Bhai – our cook – used to keep us occupied in the evenings with interesting stories of his previous profession. He was a horseman before he took to cooking delicious meals. He has spent the last couple of decades in… Read more »

Setting the right pace on a trek

Avilash Bisht | March 29, 2016

WhiteMagic_Pacing in the Mountains

Kris is a fit young man who joined a trekking trip in the Himalayas. In his group, there were people from different corners of the world and of varied ages. Soon after the initial meeting at the lodge, they all became friendly, started sharing their stories, jokes, laughter and it seemed that they were all set… Read more »

Clothing in Layers for the Mountains

WhiteMagic | March 14, 2016

Dressing properly in the mountains is an art and a science

Every time you are heading to the mountains, it is common to be uncertain about the right kind of clothing to carry on your trip. Many people are unsure about how and when to use their warm clothing and many more are of the misconception that more layers the better. But to get it right… Read more »

Pre-Trek Training Guide

Komal Sodhi | March 4, 2016

2.a.Lunges with bicep curls (1)_Pre-Trek Training Guide_WhiteMagic

  IT’S NOT THE MOUNTAIN WE CONQUER, BUT OURSELVES… So you have decided to step out and explore the outdoors? No matter what your age and level of fitness, one must follow a simple basic exercise routine for at least a couple of months before venturing out, so that your body is conditioned enough to withstand… Read more »

Mind Games on the Mountain – Life Lessons on a trek to Stok Kangri in Ladakh

Praveen Suthrum | February 29, 2016

Stok Kangri Peak in Ladakh

Stok Kangri Peak in Ladakh  Stok Kangri is the highest peak of Stok Range in Ladakh. At 6153m, it is one of the highest trekking peaks in India and is an extremely popular quest for trekkers and climbers visiting Ladakh. Over the past few years it has become the Everest among trekking peaks in Indian Himalaya and… Read more »

15 treks in 2015 – A new year resolution turned into a marvellous himalayan journey

Nitish Waila | January 3, 2016


  People take their resolutions on the new year’s eve but my resolution came after my very first himalayan trek in January 2015. It was the long weekend of Republic day and I was really very excited for this trek to Nag Tibba in the garhwal hiamalayas, invited a few friends, formed a closed group, organised the… Read more »

Leap of Faith – Navigating the lofty reaches of Uttarakhand’s Panpatia Col

Sankar Sridhar | October 9, 2015

Panpatia Col_NatGeo_Cover_May2015

Spurred by Hindu gods and English explorers, a group of mad mountain men navigate the lofty reaches of Uttarakhand’s Panpatia Col.     The May 2015 edition of “National Geographic Traveller India” features a story on the first commercial crossing of Panpatia Col by WhiteMagic, written by renowned photographer and travel writer Sankar Sridhar. The… Read more »

Climbing Kang Yatse II(6175m) in Markha Valley

Christine Pemberton | October 7, 2015

Techa Gompa perched high on a hill

As a newbie climber, to get the chance to climb one of India’s lesser known peaks is seriously exciting – and also a little intimidating, if the truth be known. When White Magic Adventure Travel suggested Kangyatse II as my second climbing trip, I instantly hit the internet, to google the mountain for photos and… Read more »

Chadar Trek FAQs

WhiteMagic | September 25, 2015

Flying into Leh. You can see the Stok Range in the Horizon

With Chadar being a one of a kind trip and a popular one at that , people always tend to have a lot of questions about the trek. Here’s listing a few FAQs, answered. Hope this helps in clearing some air about the Chadar. 1. Will Leh be accessible by road then? Rohtang pass shuts… Read more »

There and Back Again by Rajneesh Puri

WhiteMagic | August 24, 2015


This may sound familiar to the 40 plus corporate types who meet old mates at reunions and talk about reliving their youth. Well, that’s where our story begins, a bunch of city slickers who needed to push their endurance to the limit and prove to themselves that they aren’t as butter-legged as seen in the movies. Many gastronomic… Read more »

When Things Don’t Go As Planned By Vandana Trivedi

WhiteMagic | August 19, 2015


      While there are many blogs which talk about the trials and tribulations one encounters on a summited and completed trek, I don’t know if there are many out there which talk about treks which don’t go according to plan. If you do end up being part of such a trek, you should gear yourself… Read more »

Kun-quered! The quest for 7000m by Chris Wilson

WhiteMagic | August 13, 2015


There is a disclaimer used in investment brochures. Past performance is no indication of future outcomes. The same could be said for mountaineering. Just because you have done well in the past, does not guarantee success on future climbs.And so I write my story about Mt Kun. Or “Project 7000” as I dubbed it.    … Read more »

The mystery of Dzo Jongo

Avilash Bisht | July 3, 2015

DzoJongo & Kang Yatse II

A few years back, I was discussing some trip ideas with Ralf Griesbaum, a friend and mountain guide from Germany, who had been leading trips in the Himalaya for almost 20 years. Ralf mentioned about this peak called “Dzo-Jongo” at the head of the Markha valley in Ladakh and said that it is getting popular… Read more »

Climbing Mentok Kangri for my 60th Birthday

Christine Pemberton | March 22, 2015

Christine Pemberton_WhiteMagic

In the summer of August 2013, a few days shy of my 60th birthday, I put a huge tick on my bucket list, as I stood, exhausted and tearful, on the summit of my first “proper” mountain. Summiting Mentok Kangri, all beautiful 6155 metres, was to be one of the defining moments in my life…. Read more »

Support Kuntal Joisher for his Everest Attempt

WhiteMagic | March 7, 2015

Mountaineer Kuntal Joisher is attempting Everest this Spring(Apr/May,2015)

Born in Mumbai, India, Kuntal Joisher first began dreaming of climbing Mt. Everest seventeen years ago. As a boy, he was no stranger to the great outdoors spending summers in quaint villages nestled deep in the valleys of the Himalaya. But, before he started scaling massive peaks, Joisher was busy climbing the professional ladder as… Read more »

Chamsher Kangri, Mentok Kangri and Lungser Kangri

Sujoy Das | February 22, 2015

The twin peaks of Chamsher and Lungsher Kangri next to Tsomoriri Lake

The twin peaks of Chamsher and Lungsher Kangri next to Tsomoriri Lake The area around the lake of Tso Moriri in Ladakh has a number of peaks crossing that magical height of 6000 metres and the three “Kangri’s” listed below are without doubt the most popular. In the season which is June to August there… Read more »

Disaster unfolds in Zanskar Valley and Disrupts Chadar Trek

WhiteMagic | February 10, 2015

The spot of the landslide on Tsarap Chu river

The most awaited winter expedition in Ladakh for serious trekkers, the Chadar frozen river trek is called off in the last minute, after the discovery of a 250 feet landslide which had blocked the Tsarap Chu (a tributary of Zanskar River), leading to the formation of a 5 Km long artificial lake upstream, between Shaday… Read more »

Asian Women scaling new heights in Mountaineering

Christine Pemberton for White Magic | February 6, 2015

Dehradun Twin Sisiter Tashi and Nungshi Mallik

As the 66th Republic Day Parade wound its way along Rajpath, in front of the cream of India’s political class as well as President and Mrs. Obama, one of the first floats was of 7 mountaineers, Everest summiteers and military officers-all women. These brave young women were loudly cheered as they stood there, in their… Read more »

Mt. Kun(7077m) Climb – Photo Story

Avilash Bisht | February 1, 2015


We have been meaning to share our Kun climb stories with you for long but never got down to do it…so here we are now with a photo feature of the entire Kun Climb. For the past 3 years(2012, 2013 & 2014) we have been taking groups up this famed mountain in the Zanskar Region… Read more »

Tete a tete with Vishruti Jakhar

WhiteMagic | January 16, 2015

Vishruti at a waterfall at  the end of the Panpatia Col Trek

Introducing our friend Vishruti Jakhar here, who hails from Jaipur, and a woman on wanderlust!We are all inspired by her occupation, her travel choices and her wandering spirit. She is definitely a trailblazer, one among the confident Indian women going out and daring the world today. She is passionate about Travel, Photography and Life –… Read more »

White Magic Foundation

WhiteMagic | December 19, 2014

Devariyatal Chopta ridge

  WM was born out of our love for the mountains and a desire to make a living doing what we love! Our entire team comes from various corners of the Himalaya. It is home for us and we strongly believe that adventure tourism if carried out in a responsible way can help foster the… Read more »

Horsing around in the mountains

WhiteMagic | November 5, 2014


Organising a trek requires – obviously – a lot of logistics, to get people and supplies and equipment safely from point A to point B.  Especially where getting from point A to point B involves mountains and high passes and tough terrain and harsh weather. In Ladakh, in the Indian Himalayas, horses and mules form… Read more »

“The Last Chance”..at Indrahar Pass

Sanjeev Ganju | July 22, 2014


“And now whatever cometh, thou shall not slip again”, this is what i said to myself and there was a “thud” sound ,complete darkness and i felt cold on my rear end again. Even before the thoughts were completely processed by my brain, i was sliding on the snow again. This is White Magic’s Auden’s Col… Read more »

An Account by a First Time Trekker…

Neena Nehru | July 9, 2014


Q : When was the last time you did something for the first time? A : Well, just 2 weeks ago! Two weeks ago, I went on my first trek, at the ripe old age of 68! My husband, Sunil, is an avid trekker who has been going on a trek or climb every year… Read more »

You never climb the same mountain twice

Sarah Kingdom | May 8, 2014

Sarah Kingdom - WHite Magic Trip Leader at Kilimanjaro

“You never climb the same mountain twice, not even in memory. Memory rebuilds the mountain, changes the weather, retells the jokes, remakes all the moves.”(Lito Tejada-Flores). For me this is particularly apt when it comes to Kilimanjaro, a mountain that I have climbed a number of times now, and indeed, no two expeditions have ever… Read more »

The Grand Old Man of Nyerak

Vishwas Raj | April 3, 2014

Lower Nyerak in the winters with the partly frozen Zanskar below

  Outdoor Guides are a strange lot! We are always yearning to visit new places, explore new horizons, meet and interact with new people, have new experiences…and always running away from what is ordinary or familiar. But, ironically, when we end up visiting a place we have already visited we are always looking around for… Read more »


Sajith Ansar | February 25, 2014


One of the best things I carried in my backpack on my recent trip to Kilimanjaro was a sketchbook, a fine pen and a shading marker. Everyday as we trudged in to the campsite, I would scurry into my tent and retreat into a world of my thoughts trying to bring them alive visually. Everything… Read more »

The Sudarshan Diary

Avilash Bisht | September 2, 2013


Name of the expedition Indo-Australian expedition to mount Sudarshan Parbat (6507m) Peaks climbed with altitude Sudarshan Parbat (6507m) Route followed West Ridge Dates for which the permission was granted by IMF May 20,2011 – Jun 11, 2011 Commencement of the trek from roadhead May 24 from Gangotri No of camps enroute base camp May 24… Read more »

Keep Walking – Training for a trek and its challenges

WhiteMagic | August 18, 2013

The best climber in the world is the one who’s having the most fun – Alex Lowe And a climb is often pleasurable if your endurance can take you through the challenges it encounters. It’s most often the right training and better levels of fitness that obscure the levels of difficulty at higher altitudes, making the… Read more »

An unforgettable trek to the Kilimanjaro

Sarah Kingdom | July 1, 2013


This was not my first time up Kilimanjaro, in fact I had taken my then 10 year old son up a few years previously. But this was the first time that I would be climbing the mountain whilst being totally responsible for the eleven people climbing with me. Every year, over 35,000 people set foot… Read more »